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first exhibition

11/30 - 12/8

"Le lever du jour"
kicca jewelry 2013 winter & christmas collection

kicca jewelry first exhibition

pieni..ecole + cafe
岡山市北区出石町1−8−1 1F
13:00 - 20:00(平日)
12:00 - 20:00 (土日)


Toiyacho flea market


I was at Toiyacho flea market.
Is was raining all the day.

Thank you to all my customers.
Thank you very much for looking around my shop.



I took a cup of coffee at ONSAYA COFFEE which is my favorite cafe in Okayama Japan.
Good coffee and nice foods... Love it.

Thank you for adding my nagareboshi earrings to your favorite.
These earrings are one of my favorite creation, 
so I'm so happy when push the favorite button!


nagareboshi☆= (shooting star) earrings

New "nagareboshi☆="earrings.
nagareboshi means shooting star in Japanese.
These are absolutely cute and unique.

I will put them into my Etsy shop very soon.
(but black and yellow only... I'm sorry)



I bought new knit at Azul by moussy which is Japanese casual brand.
It's getting cold in the morning and night time in recently here in Japan.
I love fall and winter, so I'm getting excited...♥

I add new jewelry to my shop.
(not leaf ones...)
Please have a look!
Cotton pearls are soooo cute♡


NEW// earrings and necklace

I added new items to my shop.

When you purchase, 
please add our shop to your favorite ,
and after that use the coupon code "2013KICCA" for 20% off until the end of Oct.

I want you to be my first international customer!♥
I would like to send you a gift something very nice... for my first customer on Etsy.

shop is here.



I'm having fun to look for beautiful items on Etsy.
Because too many things are there,
so treasury is very good for see such good items.

Enjoy my new treasury list "BLOOMING"!



hanabira necklace

This is a hanabira necklace in vanilla.
It's so lovely and easy to wear with any style.
I created each flowers and made this necklace.

Available here.